A review of an entertaining performance rositas day of the dead

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Film Review: Netflix’s ‘Like Father’

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Against all odds, Lethal Weapon season 2 has not only been an overall improvement on the show’s first year, but it’s turned into one of the most entertaining procedural cop shows on television and it’s a ratings hit, at that. “One Day More” is an exceptional season (series?) finale that expertly wraps up all of the season’s lingering plot threads in an impressive way.

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Day of the Dead is an improvement on its immediate predecessor which ends Romero's Dead Trilogy on something of a high note%. In the same way that no single Grateful Dead show (or song performance, or even era) could ever be definitive, the 59 tracks of Day of the Dead represent (merely!) a major entry in the ever.

Rosita's day of the dead

Film Review: Netflix’s ‘Like Father’ Lauren Miller Rogen's feature debut looks suspiciously like an English-language rip-off of 'Toni Erdmann,' minus the qualities that made that father-daughter comedy so fresh.

This was an entertaining performance; it sent a real message under the guise of a humorous diversion from reality into the perceived (or believed?) world of the'previously living,' otherwise known as calacas, or the'bony ones'.

The main character – Rosita Read More.

A review of an entertaining performance rositas day of the dead
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